Les Misérables Inspired Sentence Starters (feel free to add!)

  • "You're here until you die."
  • "You're a dangerous man."
  • "You're standing in your grave."
  • "I commend you for your duty."
  • "What have I done, Sweet Jesus, what have I done?"
  • "My life was a war that could never be won!"
  • "There's gonna be hell to pay!"
  • "I dreamed that love would never die!"
  • "I know a place where no one's lost."
  • "Welcome, Monsieur, sit yourself down."
  • "Nothing gets you nothing."
  • "I used to dream that I would meet a prince."
  • "Yesterday I was alone, Today you are beside me."
  • "I'm so afraid of failing you."
  • "You have warmed my heart like the sun."
  • "Those who falter and those who fall must pay the price."
  • "The time is near!"
  • "Don't let the wine go to your brain!"
  • "You look as if you've seen a ghost."
  • "It is time for us all to decide who we are."
  • "What's the price you might pay?"
  • "Who cares about your lonely soul?"
  • "Our little lives don't count at all."
  • "I'm doing everything all wrong."
  • "I am lost."
  • "I am found."
  • "Why regret what cannot be?"
  • "Still I say, there's a way for us."
  • "All my life, I've only been pretending."
  • "Another day, another destiny!"
  • "How can I live when we are parted?"
  • "Will you take your place with me?"
  • "Do you hear the people sing?"
  • "My place is here, I fight with you!"
  • "Tomorrow you'll be worlds away."
  • "We are not alone."
  • "Drink with me to days gone by."
  • "Would you weep for me?"
  • "You have always been there."
  • "There is nothing on Earth that we share!"
  • "There is nowhere I can turn."
  • "There is no way to go on."
  • "Forgive me."
  • "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
  • "Will you be strong and stand with me?"
  • "All men will have their reward!"
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Shaved panderrrrrr

“Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain can function for well over seven minutes?  We got six more minutes to play.”
-Freddy Krueger, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (2010)

I want to remind everyone that this s my greatest halloween costume ever

My own take on a human!GLaDOS.  Basically a young Caroline with shorter hair… But I like it.